About zXc

zXc (ZenCross Connect) is the industry's first on‑demand Fiber Optic infrastructure ordering platform that offers pre‑provisioned Dark Fiber and Wavelength services between major data centers & colocation facilities in and around New York and New Jersey. Services are engineered to the highest standards to support the most demanding application performance and security.

ZenFi and Cross River Fiber have joined together to offer the zXc platform with self‑service, automated purchase and configuration of inter‑building and inter‑state cross‑connects.

Infrastructure Building Specialists

NY & NJ's all-organic dark fiber optic infrastructure building specialists and owners, ZenFi and Cross River Fiber respectively, collaborated to build the zXc platform to simplify & accelerate the customer experience for purchasing fiber optic infrastructure.

Industry‑leading NYC based carrier‑neutral network dark fiber and telecommunications service provider with a state of the art network providing high capacity distributed networks.

New Jersey‑based dark fiber optic and telecommunications service provider that designs, constructs and maintains a wholly owned and diversified independent fiber‑optic network infrastructure.

Apart from the zXc service offering, ZenFi and Cross River can provide additional leading edge transport and networking services in the New York metro and beyond. These services include:

Fiber Connection to Your Enterprise Location

ZenFi (in NYC) and Cross River Fiber (in NJ) are specialists in building fiber to connect enterprise buildings to each other and to the zXc data center network. By utilizing the most advanced deployment techniques and fusion splicing technology their fiber networks are not plagued with added loss due to over-splicing or legacy splicing techniques. The outcome is optical networks providing the lowest possible dB loss in respect to fiber distance. Our comprehensive approach to service design and implementation concentrates on delivering a best in class network product capable of supporting applications from 1G optical all the way to 100G DWDM with up to 17.6 Tb of throughput. Post deployment, we ensure that customer maintenance and restoration events are resolved in a timely manner with as little customer impact as possible.

Passive/Dim Wave Service between Datacenters

Want to use dark fiber between any of the data centers on the zXc network, but the distance is too long without regeneration? We can provide passive/dim wave service to regenerate your WDM signal to enable you to connect between these data centers. By adding low-cost optics at your data center locations, we will enable you to use your own equipment to connect at 1 Gb or 10 Gb speeds. Our passive/dim wave service is available on a month-to-month basis.

Cloud Direct Connect

Through a partnership with Megaport, we provide direct connect services to all major cloud service providers including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google’s cloud platform. Why use less reliable and less secure public Internet connections for your crucial cloud connections when you can use dedicated connections. Solutions are cost effective and deployed rapidly. Direct cloud connections are available on a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint basis with speeds up to 10 Gb and on a month-to-month basis.

Long Haul Transport Service

Connect from datacenter locations in the NYC/NJ area to major data centers in the U.S. and around the world. Connections are available on a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint basis with speeds up to 10 Gb and on a month-to-month basis. Search our list of available data center connections.

Internet Access

Reliable Internet access is essential for productivity. Over-subscribed connections and slow page load times are unacceptable and downtime is extremely costly. We can scale your IP traffic as your business grows or your need for more capacity increases. Services are available for a month-to-month basis and can include fully-managed firewalls with VPN support to provide security for your Internet connection.

Email us at sales@zXc.solutions
or visit zenfi.com or crossriverfiber.com for more details.