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Earn commissions faster with zXc

zXc offers partners an opportunity to earn commissions faster for a simple customer referral without any pre-sales or administrative effort. Here’s the deal:

You refer a customer to buy Dark Fiber or Wavelength Services on

  • A. If the customer purchases a service(s) based on your referral, you will be paid a 20% residual fee of the zXc Transport Fee MRC after Customer makes its payments on such service. You will not be entitled to payment if the zXc partners are not paid for the service.
  • B. The customer must list you as the referral partner on the check-out page of the zXc website when the customer submits its order. Payments are limited to one referral partner per sale. Cross River Fiber and ZenFi reserve the right to pre-approve customers. You will get a notification via email when your customer has purchased a zXc service.
  • C. As a referral partner, you represent that you are duly authorized to participate in the referral program and are not subject to any conflicts of interest with respect to your participation. You hereby indemnify Cross River Fiber LLC and ZenFi Networks, Inc. with respect to any claims made against either of them related to your participation in the referral program. In the event you violate the terms of the referral program, you will not be eligible for future payments under the program. Employees of the customer ordering zXc services as well as employees of Cross River and ZenFi may not participate in the referral program, either directly or indirectly. No employment, partnership or joint venture relationship is formed by the referral program and at no time may the referral partner represent itself as being affiliated with Cross River Fiber or ZenFi or zXc. All referral partners shall be independent contractors and shall be required to provide a valid W-9 prior to payment.
  • D. The referral program is subject to termination or modification by Cross River and ZenFi at any time. Any changes to the program will be posted on this webpage. Referral partners should check this page for updates.


If you agree to these terms and conditions and are interested in becoming a referral partner, please acknowledge by registering below.